Shape of things to come. Adobe + Wired magazine.

Adobe teamed up with Wired magazine to bring you the next evolution of design. According to my friend that works at Adobe, Adobe Air is a combination of Illustrator, Flash, and In-design. I’m pretty excited about this as a designer. It’s something that I’ve been waiting for. It’s a convergence is necessary from both ends. As a user I like the fact that you can get all different types of experiences in one. Design + Motion + Interaction with your content and brands. I think it’s pretty exciting. Also as a designer finally there something that you can design for that enables you to use all your skills into 1 experience, instead of doing exporting your idea into different compartments. Regular advertisers have a TV, Print, and Web teams in-house usually. I really think this is the shape of things to come, 1 experience that take every medium into account. It’s a new way to think and design which makes me very excited.