Jon Burgerman


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Jon Burgerman. First found him thru AOL redesign by Wolff Olins. The black and white illustrations reveal a fun and sort of primitive quality to it. This guys is part Keith Herring, part Spongebob, and all fun.  I love how his stuff evolved. It’s like how Neil Gaiman said about making art, just keep doing something you love the world will crack and lets you in.


Be a Leader

I’ve been thinking about service vs art for a while. Being a designer I work with clients. But I also produce projects on my own. I often ask myself how do I get the clients to want what I am producing and not just go with the latest trends. I believe you have to be a leader in whatever it is that you do. Create your own path, create your future clients. You have to produce that product that you truly love and be okay with it if others don’t like it.

I feel like I’ve been unlearning a lot of things I have learned through the school system, and also work. For the past two years I’ve been unlearning some bad habits I have developed along the way. I’ve learned to go with my gut. I’ve learned to say no to clients. I learned where to draw the line of my creative sovereignty. I know what I am and where I must go now.

This video is about influencers and people that follow their own visions. I believe if you are going to be original at all you have to be prepared to be wrong, or else you will not find anything original if you go paths that other people have walked before.