Scott Pilgrim against the video game world!

I am super excited about this one! Scott Pilgrim’s video game is coming out soon. I havn’t found out any more about this but the screen shots and game play preview looks amazing. It reminds me of the old school Nintendo games. Imagine the hipster version of River City Ransom. Cannot wait to play it! The game plays in Playstation and Xbox. Hmm time to get one of those I guess :)

Scott Pilgrim Vs the world!

I gotta say I am a little late to this one. But I just recently read all of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim comic book series. It’s absolutely amazing. The storytelling and dialogue are so dead on and speaks to a whole generation of video game playing, manga reading, indie band listening people out there.

The books are amazing and there’s a movie coming out staring Micheal Cera. Whoaat?  the awesomeness continues.