Adam and Dog

This is an amazing short film by a Korea director Minkyu Lee. There has definitely been a revival of 2d animation. I still think this form is not going to go away anytime soon. I think they are just going to evolve into shorts like this. This is an amazing amount of work done by a small crew of animators. I don’t think it’s the last we’ll hear from Mr. Lee. I hope he gets scooped up by Disney or Pixar so we can see more of hims films being made. Here’s a tumblr Minkyu kept during the release that has some cool animation pencil tests. 


Ray Lewis talks to some lucky kids.



Best motivator of all time. He gives thanks for waking up everyday. What a true inspiration. Some people love him and some people doubt his true intentions. Elizabeth Merrill talks about  how you are people are either on one side of Ray Lewis. I look at him and I see someone that made a mistake when he was young. I see a man that took  a second chance in life to make it everything he can make it. I see a man that made himself what he is today. I see a leader of men, and a constant motivator. The belief he has and commitment he has to his craft is what really motivates me. It’s amazing to see after 17 years of football he is still thankful for being able to suit up and place the game he love. Do we ever set back and look at our lives? Look at the things that are available to us? How lucky we are to be here right NOW?

Bo knows good typography?




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30 for 30 did a fantastic documentary about Bo Jackson. As I was watching the documentary, the design fanboy in me found myself taking screen shots of the illustrations and typography. After the doc I had to find out who the hell was behind these amazing illustrations and designs. The illustrator is a familiar Grantland contributor Mick Duzyj and the Agency is Doubleday & Cartwright.

Also for you Tecmo Bowl fans out there I took a screen shot of the famous Bo Jackson touchdown screen as well. Someone needs to make a T-shirt of this.