This is a pretty interesting short film talking about Creative Commerce.


- David Lewandowski talks about the Cool project vs Good pay scale. He’s dead on about how you pay for a project does not directly effect how much money the clients pay for it. Some of the best work I have seen out there is just people doing what they love and not caring what they get paid for it.

- Also I love what Eliot Rauch asks the question about “WHY? Are you doing this?” Working in this business is hard unless you love it. It can’t be for a superficial reason. You gotta love what you do in the end or everything else is for not.

- One other message was -As creatives we do not have the rights to the outcome to our process. We cannot control the outcome of the reception. Once we start to control the outcome before the fact, we ruin the whole process. All we can control is the effort and passion we put into our work.